Goodfellows’ Manor of Tinctures and Tricks

A first draft of this novel is completed and currently undergoing revisions.

Roan Vin Wetter (he/they) is a fool. Burning with revolutionary angst while submerged in a city flush with vices, Roan’s days as a part time courier and contentious university student spiral into chaos after being dosed with the Green – the proprietary tincture of the Goodfellows’ Manor. In this magical guild of thieves, addicts, and alchemists, Roan suddenly finds himself at the center of his fellows’ plans to control the Manor and its mysterious patron, the Fellowfeeling.

Roan must count their allies carefully to get out from under the Fellowfeeling’s magically bonded influence, keep themself on the right side of the Manor’s factions, and gather the Manor’s resources in support of quelling the true enemy: The Green-hunting religious leaders of the Synod. Through gambles, tinctures, and tricks, Roan’s decisions will change not only himself but the city of Ilstek forever.

Genre: Adult Fantasy (Crime, LGBTQIA+)

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