About Me

My name’s Valarij. I’m 27 years old, and I’m a writer, artist, and gamemaker based in St. Paul, Minnesota. I hold a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (2015), during which time I packed my schedule with theater, creative writing, and film production courses. I started doing this indie writer thing for pay around 2017, and now split my time freelancing through this venture with other work.

I really enjoy what I do. Community, comedy, spec fic, and good role-playing games keep me sane in the face of the world’s lunacy 😎

I’ve been plunking away at my debut novel, A Braid of Storm and Jorn, for the last 4 years or so. Edits are coming along, and I expect to query sometime next year (2021). My deadlines are typically a little nebulous so watch this space for a concrete day closer the season.

My other principle venture, Solor Studio, is currently developing a tabletop and computer RPG. Go ahead and give us a look!

Some fun facts about me:

Favorite Authors: Behold, Loki has stolen my Goodreads account for you to see exactly what I like and books currently on my radar.

Favorite Bands/Musicians: Behold, Odin has gifted us Spotify, and I can show you exactly what I like to listen to.

Favorite Films: This changes a lot. You’ll just have to ask 😛

Favorite Words: Solitude, Merp, Catharsis, Chunch

Favorite Hobbies Besides Writing: Strategizing how to beat old Playstation games from the late 90’s with my brother, drawing, reading, conducting spirited discussions on how best to smash late stage oligarchic capitalism, petting cats, etc.

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