A Braid of Storm and Jorn

The manuscript for this novel is completed and available for representation. If you would like to make an inquiry or have other questions, please contact me here

The people of Anwathas, a remote island nation far to the north in the world of Jor, inhabit an ageless and reverent land. Small villages dot the secluded landscape where folk live communally in Tribes that heed the ways of their ancestors, mysterious Great Spirits, and the tumultuous balance of nature.

Sala is the last of her Tribe – the Crows of the Northern Pines. Raised alone by her mother and haunted by memories of a war with the mountain-dwelling Raptor Tribe, Sala wants nothing more than to connect with her heritage and avenge her people’s senseless slaughter. After Mama learns the Raptor clans are once again uniting for war, Sala begins her initiation as the next in a long line of praheja, guardians that bear the Mark of the Spirits.

Plith is a fisher from the Crab Tribe of the Southern Shores. Serving as a crew member under Witik, the village witch, Plith has always been considered an outsider and kept his powers as a praheja a secret. But when a mysterious stranger washes ashore, Plith is exposed and forced into exile by the village Elders who fear the foreign man’s arrival a signal of prophesied doom.

Together, these two heroes become intertwined, as their paths weave them between the waking schemes of rival Tribes and a great Calamity unleashed upon Anwathas from the Dream – where the Great Spirits reside. To survive, Sala and Plith must secure the support of allies and seek the guidance of these Great Spirits. Guidance that will lead them to glimpse precious secrets, challenge the Raptors’ false prophet, and uncover new threats that lie beyond the horizon.

Genre: Adult Fantasy

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